Hello, welcome to my website.  I hope you enjoy browsing my art collection.  I am an artist born and living with my family in Waitakere NZ.  I paint in oils, acrylics, and watercolour and have been painting since I was 11 years old (27 years).  I have painted a variety of different artworks including portraits, landscapes, flowers, and I developed a fun style known as Birds in Uniform. 

  I did study a fine arts degree and among many amazing art teachers I had were  Julian Dashper, Richard Fahey, Saskia Leek and Julian Hooper (Unitec, Bachelor of Design majoring in painting 2002 - 2005)

  The newspaper clipping you can see here is from 2009 - when I first showed the Birds in Uniform.  I had a follow up show in 2011 and then lived in Abu Dhabi for a few years working first as a flight attendant and then as a receptionist for a law firm - before coming back to NZ and working as an illustrator for 4 years.   I am now older (38) and I have a beautiful daughter keeping me busy when I am not painting.  My family are my inspiration and my daughter is my biggest fan (in her own words she is a better artist than me 'mummy I am a better artist than you'  - which I agree, kids are the best artists)

Thanks for reading, thanks for your kind support and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, I appreciate hearing from you.