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Birds in Uniform - NZ Fantail Geisha 2009

NZ Kakapo Philosopher 2011, Birds in Uniform II

Native NZ paintings which I made into a repeat pattern, and designed products such as handbags, tote bags, and umbrellas 

Paintings of native birds and plant species and flowers.  All for a unique scented range of products.  I painted the oranges and fejoas from my garden, and captured unique angles of the birds to best bring out their beautiful qualities - such as the Tui in full song, the incredible colours of the wood pigeons plumage, and the beauty of the fantail's tail. 

A popular surface design used on a variety of products 

I painted the baby sleeping in manuka flower for this range of Honey Babe products 

NZ Kingfisher Nelson 2009, Birds in Uniform 

One of my favourite portraits

NZ Tui - watercolour 

NZ Wood pigeon - watercolour 

NZ Fantail - watercolour 

Illustrations for sweets


Kids T-shirts - I have created about 14 different screen printed t-shirts for kids aged from 2 years up to 8 year olds.  They are currently sold throughout retail stores in nz

Paintings for the film Bliss

Boniver album painting promotion.  I painted a version of the album cover live in Real Groovy music store.  This was my first ever watercolour painting 

Fish in Uniform

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